The Beginning

What you’ll find on this blog is information on how you can turn something negative into a positive. Life is such a roller coaster and you’ll never know when a string of bad luck will come your way. So when it does, know how to turn the situation around or how to fix the problem and move on.

What inspired me to starting this page up is when I first moved interstate. As if moving is not stressful enough, when you are dealing with business that do not treat you as a paying customer, that is where it makes you feel uneasy. I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane and it was a big moment in my life. My experience with businesses during this time, in particular the moving business was not the best. From removalists being late on moving day to being charged various fees upon delivery, moving my vehicle did not improve with poor customer service, constant phone calls chasing the whereabouts is my vehicle and weeks of delay in delivering my car.

I just don’t know how some businesses are in business; how they treat their customers are sometimes unacceptable.  Regardless of how poor their online presence is, they manage to stay in business, is it because they prey on unsuspecting consumers or perhaps they just change their company name and continue with their tactics?  I hope you find this website useful and hope it provides some useful information.