Aug 21

The Christian religion which is also known as Christianity came about from the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Palestinian country which rose from Judaism. There are many denominations of Christianity that have come up ever since it was started and each denomination tends to have their own beliefs and they also practice different things. This however does not mean that they are divided; in fact, they consider themselves to be people of the same religion due to the fact that they agree on key fundamental things and one of them being the Bible. They also all believe in the trinity and the Nicene Creed which is recited by all the Christian denominations.

Some people belive that faith can be a spiritual form of life insurance – hedging your bets for when you do pop off.

There are three branches of the Christian religion that most of the people associate with. These include the protestant branch, the catholic branch and the orthodox branch. All these branches are said to have fallen from the protestant years back. Although there are a number of differences in these different branches, the one thing that makes them united is the fact that they all believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God. This is made possible by the simple fact that they all believe in the Bible and they take all their teachings from there.

The Christian religion is referred to by most people as a spiritual religion because of how the Christians carry themselves. There are things that are considered wrong in this religion and this is why most people think of it as a rules religion. The modern preachers have tried to make people understand that it is not about the dos and the don’ts but rather your relationship with God that should be focused on.  Increasingly it becomes acceptable for Jews to drive their cars on the Sabbath for example.

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